Awkward Talks

New Zealand's first no bullsh*t music industry podcast.

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About Awkward Talks


The Story 

Awkward Talks was born straight out of the San Fran green room when Issy was having an Awkward Talk with the lead singer of Tahini Bikini Maddy. " Ever sing starting my music degree I felt as though there was this missing piece to the puzzle, everyone should have access to the information we are being taught, and equally we can often learn so much from each other than we can in a classroom". With the support from Cae Tahini's bassist Awkward Talks was born. The two worked together to create season one of the podcast. Now Issy continues with the Awkward mission with partner Robbie as co-producer and technician. Bringing untold truths, tips, tricks, and inspiring stories to your ears. 

The mission

We harness the power of Awkward questions to discuss openly the day-to-day adversities and opportunities that musicians face in the Aotearoa New Zealand music industry and beyond. Awkward Talks strives to inspire, educate, and motivate aspiring musicians and music practitioners to take back control  over their careers and choose their own path to success. 


What to expect

Think of Awkward Talks as your older sibling who has been there and done that in the music industry. Weather you’re an aspiring artists, producer, manager, technician, or session musician, we’re asking the experts the awkward questions to help you build a realistic tool kit, and take action towards YOUR version of success. Your host Issy interviews experts, friends in the industry, and even does a solo pep talk or two to get the real-time inside scoop on how to navigate professionalism, creativity, well-being, artistry, finances, professional relationships, marketing, and more.